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Applying Ceramic Coating On Aircraft


Whatever type of aircraft you own, it deserves nothing
but the best.

That’s why aircraft enthusiasts worldwide choose CK1 Aviation Ceramic Protection.

Quite simply, they trust CK1 to consistently provide unmatched paint protection, hardness and brilliance. A paint-protection system that utilizes proprietary ceramic technologies, CK1 doesn’t work merely as a layered application. Instead, it interlocks its molecular structure with the surface molecules of paintwork to literally become the functional surface of your airplane’s paintwork.

The result is a semi-permanent ceramic coating that won’t wash off. CK1 exhibits outstanding resistance to friction, heat, pollutants and solvents — for a finish that locks in long-lasting beauty, as well as peace of mind.

Protection From Harmful Environmental Elements

From soot and hydrocarbon buildup to UV ray aging, moisture erosion and pollutant damage, your aircraft is vulnerable to numerous types of element-related corrosion. In bonding to the substrate, CK1 Aviation Ceramic Protection provides a semi-permanent ceramic coating that won’t wash off – thereby ensuring long-lasting clean surfaces and gloss retention, as well as years of paint protection.

Enhanced Performance

In keeping your aircraft clean, CK1 Aviation Ceramic Protection improves laminar flow and reduces drag, for increased fuel efficiency.

Long-Lasting Beauty with Minimal Maintenance

The unique formula of CK1 Aviation Ceramic Coatings bring out the full luster and sheen of your airplane’s finish and extends paint life. The result? Greatly reduced cleaning and repainting expenses.

Application Versatility

CK1 Aviation Ceramic Protection can be applied to all of your aircraft’s painted exterior surfaces, including composites (but excluding rubber and soft plastic). By permanently bonding to the paintwork on a nano scale an extremely durable, crystal clear ceramic finish is formed which serves as a highly thwarting contaminant barrier.



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