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The ultimate protective shield

What is Nano Technology?

The word “Nano” refers to the size of the molecules or particles in the coating itself. These particles range from 80-100 nano-meters. Doesn’t mean a lot to most people but to put it to scale there are 25 million nano-meters in an inch.

Because the particles are so small, when applied to a surface, they seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat and even anti-graffiti.



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frequently asked questions

What is hardness rating of CK1 Coatings™?

All CK1 Coatings have a 9H hardness, which is the highest rating in the industry.

How long will CK1 Coatings™ last?

CK1 Coatings™ are engineered to provide up to 5 years of protection for your vehicle.

Does CK1 Coatings™ protect against rock chips?

CK1 Ceramic Coatings™ has a hardness level of 9H (which is very hard) and will help to protect against very light chips and scratches. However, CK1 Coatings™ is not designed to protect against high velocity projectiles such as rock chips while driving at higher speeds. You should not purchase CK1 Coatings™ for chip and scratch protection, but look at it as an extra benefit for light damage.

Can CK1 Coatings™ be applied to glass?

Yes, CK1 Coatings™ works great on glass. When applied, it creates a hydrophobic barrier from water sticking to glass and the result is a beading effect.

Can CK1 Coatings™ be applied onto wheels?

CK1 Coatings™ is perfect for wheels! The coating will help limit brake dust build up on the wheel and make cleaning a breeze.

Is CK1 Coatings™ safe to be applied to boats?

CK1 Marine Coatings™ works incredible on boats!

Can CK1 Coatings™ be applied on vinyl wraps and decals?

Yes. For matte and satin vinyl, we recommend using a test area on a small inconspicuous area to make sure the coating doesn’t add too much shine. However, the protective benefits of the coating will remain when applied to vinyl products.

Can CK1 Coatings™ be applied on clear bra?

Yes, CK1 Coatings™ can be applied to the clear bra to enhance its protection and prevent yellowing.

Where can I have CK1 Coatings™ professionally installed?

They’re exclusively offered at a network of dealerships across the country.

Can I remove the coating once applied?

Since CK1 Coatings™ are engineered to be permanent, they cannot be chemically stripped. Removal requires mechanical abrasion with compounds and polishes, like a typical clear coat would.

Can I apply traditional waxes and sealants over CK1 Coatings™?

Yes, but the wax or sealant will not have the same level of durability on a ceramic coating because the coating will try to shed the wax and sealant instead of letting it bond. CK1 Coatings™ has developed two products to enhance and maintain hydrophobicity and shine. They are called Hydro-Ramic and Hydro Shine and can be purchased online at CK1coatings.com

How do you prepare my vehicle for coatings application?

All paint correction is completed before we apply CK1 Coatings™ to eliminate any scratches, swirl marks and surface contaminants 



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